Our Story

The journey in search of mouth watering, completely natural Kefir started in March 2018 when Biokef was born. Since then we've been on a mission to introduce Kefir to UK homes and improve our customers health and well-being.


Agata is obsessed with kefir and gut health, since overcoming a gut issue herself. Her diet had to change completely a year ago in order to get her health back on track. This included cooking meals from scratch, eating lots of vegetables, fruits, grains, fish and drinking kefir of course.
She thinks that kefir is incredibly versatile, nutritious, healthy and above all a delicious drink that can be enjoyed by the whole family.


Alexander is only 5 years old but loves kefir and has it instead of yoghurt at breakfast time with cereal and fruit, or on its own at snack time.
He knows that it’s good for his tummy as it’s very low in sugar, has lots of gut-friendly bacteria and is packed with essential vitamins.


We’ve searched far and wide for the best production partner. In fact we’ve been all over the UK! Finally we found a dairy that shared our passion and commitment for producing Kefir that contains the highest quality ingredients and is truly 100% natural. We are delighted to work with a family run farm in beautiful Devon. They’re not only lovely and hard-working people, but they also share our ethics to sustainably produce the best Kefir for you to enjoy.


Love your tummy! Love Kefir!